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Wealth Management

Investment Philosophy - You can invest prudently in unpredictable markets.

Building an investment portfolio around a client's goals is paramount in working to achieve desired outcomes.  Our philosophy incorporates tried and true fundamentals of investing including client risk profiles and asset allocation.  A client's risk profile determines an appropriate asset allocation to build a diversified portfolio of investments among different asset classes (stocks, bonds & cash).  Your risk profile and asset allocation are key to managing investment risk over time.  Asset Allocation is a strategy and does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss.

Building on that framework, we incorporate our Custom Portfolio Strategy that builds on the risk management of asset allocation by adding a second component of disciplined asset class inclusion based on cyclical market trends. Often referred to as Bull and Bear markets, Custom Portfolio Strategy uses the cyclical trends in the market to help limit downside risk during Bear markets and capture upside potential during Bull markets. As an active risk management strategy, Custom Portfolio Strategy attempts to create value through proactive asset allocation based on your risk profile.

Investment Process
Investors and regulators alike have demanded transparency and proper disclosure to provide investors education for clarification concerning their financial portfolios. Responding to this demand, we offer investors Custom Style Portfolios, managed account investments designed specifically to help investors regain their comfort level and confidence in the investment process.

With the investor's personal goals and objectives in mind, we work together to deliver a comprehensive investment plan that reflects the appropriate risk level for the investor.

  • Investors receive an Investment Policy Statement or financial "roadmap" customized around their unique objectives and risk profile. 
  • FIQ Advisors leverages its internal experience to select investment managers and construct portfolios. Each portfolio is designed to pursue optimal performance at the investor's chosen risk level. 
  • FIQ Advisors continually monitors every portfolio and every manager in the program, greatly reducing the risks to the investor from pitfalls like style drift or personnel changes.

This puts investors back in Control.

Investors own the securities in their portfolios, they enjoy an unprecedented level of control. They can: 

  • Exclude a variety of individual securities and/or social categories (alcohol, firearms, gambling, military weapons, nuclear power, tobacco, etc.) based on their values or investment constraints. 
  • Choose from eight tax-management options that help align their tax and investment strategies. 
  • Choose from Equity and Fixed-Income Implementation Strategies and choose to include or exclude International Equity, Alternative Investment and Real Estate components.

Providing Unparalleled Access to investors

FIQ Advisors provides clients and their Financial Professionals with 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week access to account information via the Web, including:

  • Current account holdings, transaction history, tax information and performance data. 
  • All fees associated with their accounts.

Additionally, investors have the ability to provide 24/7 viewing rights to other members of their wealth management team (CPAs, attorneys, etc.).

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