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Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Advisors

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Financial IQ Advisors realizes that everyone has different financial planning goals and objectives.  Please use the information below as a guide to help you select the best planner to meet your needs.  With our breadth of products offered, extensive experience and trusted reputation in the Southeast Nebraska region, we're confident that Financial IQ Advisors will earn your business!

  • How do I select a financial advisor?
    It is a good idea to interview no fewer than three advisors before you make a selection. You are choosing a person whom you must trust, and whose advice you will be willing to follow. Therefore, the personal chemistry between you must be one that fosters trust. Here are some guidelines you can follow: Question the advisors during your interviews. Ask about the advisor's performance results for his/her clients. Ask where the advisor obtains technical information to support his/her work. Ask about the advisor's licenses. To give investment advice, an advisor must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or a state securities department. If the advisor sells or places products pursuant to your plan, s/he must be licensed by (1) a state insurance department (insurance and annuities), (2) a state securities department (mutual funds, limited partnerships, etc.), or registered with a member of FINRA (broker dealer). Is s/he a Registered Investment Advisor? An explanation of some of the various licenses held by financial planners can be found a few questions down in this section. Ask if the advisor has ever been fined, reprimanded, or suspended. Verify the answer by contacting your state securities department, state insurance licensing/regulation department, FINRA or the SEC. Ask about the advisor's education and credentials. Does the advisor keep up to date in the field through continuing education? There are many capable advisors who perform excellent service for their clients, some who have earned one or more designations, and some who have not. Ask the advisor if s/he will be recommending a full range of financial products from a variety of financial service companies, or only those of a single company. Ask the advisor about fee arrangements. Advisors are compensated by hourly fee, project fee (e.g. the drafting of a financial plan), management fee (generally 1% of invested balances under management), commission (paid by the financial company issuing the mutual fund or insurance policy), or by a combination of these methods (e.g. fee plus commission). Finally, be prepared to give the advisor enough information about yourself to allow him/her to make the decision to accept you as a client. Just as the match with an advisor must be right for you, many advisers find that they do their best work when they are equally thorough in their selection of clients.Back to top

  • What can membership in a Professional Association tell me about a Financial Adviser?
    It tells you that the Financial Planner is serious about his or her profession, and is bound by ethical and oversight standards. He or she is also subject to continuing education requirements.Back to top

  • How can I make the most of the services a Financial Planner offers?
    A good financial will help you determine your needs and goals by asking thought-provoking questions. Once you've determined your needs, wants and desires, a planner will help you decide which financial tools can get you there with a level of risk tolerance that you are comfortable with.Back to top

  • What is the minimum amount of money one needs to take advantage of a financial planner?
    Each planner is different. Some work with people who are just starting out, and some work only with people who have millions of dollars.Back to top

  • How much information should I reveal before I hire a financial planner?
    A general profile of your income, net worth, family status, goals and desires would be helpful to find a match. Then you should meet with the planner and make sure that you feel comfortable working with them before you give them all of your information.Back to top

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